Acting as a trusted Advisor

Seeing the woods for the trees

Some of the work I do comes through an ask for help at the most senior level, when there is a sense of something not quite working as it should and the senior individual needs an external thinking partner.  Often I am referred through highly trusted networks and invited to give an impartial perspective and to see things at play that is not possible to see from being on the inside, other times I act as thinking partner for difficult decisions. The combination of strategic sight, systemic view, highly tuned observation and board level experience are the basis for this work.

A fairly frequent scenario is when teams or leadership are aiming high but not quite making it. I usually work in a co collaborative way with the team to understand what the source of challenges to the team in the system are, and to co design  a set of development priorities for the team or individual leader and go on to work through these in coaching. I am trusted for being totally confidential, board experienced, strategic and caring. I have no agenda or process to push, but am alive to the here and now of what emerges. I can be invited in as one of the 'commissioners' of the team, a chair or CEO recognises that performance is not quite happening, or by a member or leader of the team itself, or through an HR partner.