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Team Development

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Everything we achieve, we do so with and through others.

Team Coaching is about recognising that we want to create the environment where others are at their best and so are we, to connect the dots of what customers, staff, internal customers, our funders, regulators and boards need from us now and in the future. So together we achieve more, to be truly transformative.

I work with teams to identify their development areas. Sometimes this is through doing team 360s, sometimes in conversation with the team. Together we commission coaching for the team, the areas we want to develop as priorities, and sometimes this involves some individual coaching too, and using personality assessments to bring out differences to the group.

The kind of things I find myself working with are upselling a vision to the board, creating board buy in, changing top level management structure to reflect business needs, working with conflict and understanding, looking at bringing in diverse thinking, moving innovation forward, co creating a meaningful vision and KPIs that sit with that, moving into agile behaviours, having a team contract, red and green behaviours, feedback or feedforward, connecting with staff/employee needs from the team, building in teams own learning, stakeholder mapping and needs from the team, team dynamics, team reputation. No contract with a team is ever the same, it is always situational and based on stakeholder needs from the team. Empathy and perspective taking always helps.

"Outstanding help with our senior team development. You have helped us shift from potential disaster to engagement and growth"

Chair of High Growth Business

"With your help we have moved from a dysfunctional team to a highly effective one, delivering on innovation we are charged with"


"Excellent work to flesh out our vision and set up priorities together with the follow up - essential for our development"

Founder Tech Scale Up

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