Great Teaming, seeing the puzzle & The shift to WeQ from I Q

Maybe you are lucky enough to work for a team where you can come together share information, and go back to working on your own work independently. Most probably not; increasingly the task of the team is to bring together different stakeholder needs, and look forward, to integrate and co create ways forward that stretch across these different needs. To build a new jigsaw from all the pieces.

This brings with it a profound shift in paying attention to what ‘we as a team’ need, or intelligence about the team as a whole. This is not an easy shift. This is thinking at the level of the group as a whole, rather than taking our own individual perspective, WeQ not IQ. But stop!*! Our whole lives have been about the experience of our own perspective within groups, learning how to navigate them for our own development& needs rather than for the good of the group as a whole. On top of that most are hard wired to find belonging and show our difference within groups, which mean that experiences in groups and teams can feel pretty uncomfortable. Now you not only have to navigate these needs, but also shift to thinking about WeQ. It’s no wonder it’s so hard to team well.

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