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Executive coaching

Blue Stairway

Executive Coaching and Coaching Psychology

Creating a Development plan for moving into the leadership space and using change focused conversations to support steps into the new space

Sometimes simply having a non judgemental space to be heard

Other times being a thinking partner for challenges and choices

Enabling senior people to be the best they can be

Support through warmth, focus and challenge to create personal change

Developing people above, around and below & managing relationships

Developing strategic sight

"You bring a brilliant kind of insight that moves me on fast, yet gently"

HR professional

Executive coaching helps individuals work out how to work better and live well. Exploring their leadership roles and working on whatever the individual wants to change for themselves, leaders learn to manage the uncertainties of work and life, their organisations, teams and the work itself. They develop tactics and tools that work for them to be the best version of themselves. Working with a deep knowledge of those in science and tech, using proven techniques to envisage the future, generating and trialling options whilst paying attention to emotions and repetitive thought patterns, clients emerge with resilience and a mind and tool set to live with change, and step into their executive roles.

"You have helped me see how to go slow to get results faster- outstanding - this is truly lean management"

HR Manager Science and Technology

"With your support I have managed upwards better and had greater impact for my team"


"You have helped me develop my EQ alongside the technical skills to be great at being a scrum master"

Scrum Master Innovation in FTSE 100

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