I help with the behaviours and practices of how teams and leadership organise themselves so that they can achieve their strategic goals. In other words I do strategic Organisation/team Development.


I have a particular focus on coaching and enabling high performing teams. In this I work with teams over a period of time to strengthen their shared vision and focus, understand and manage sources of conflict in their dynamics and in improving their reputation and interactions with other teams, partners, customers and commissioners. This work is dynamic and working in the flow of what is happening, rather than working to a set program. Getting good teams working can have a multiplier effect on the effectiveness of the rest of the organisation.

I regularly facilitate strategic conversations, coach executives 1 to 1,  sometimes as part of team coaching, use many diagnostic tools and act as a coaching supervisor. 


My 'unfair advantages' (!) in this work are in the combination of: 10,000 hours practice to be a highly tuned observer, in being a coach who really gets strategy and can act as a challenging thinking partner, along with years of digging into stakeholder, consumer, investor perspectives, so enabling better perspective taking for clients. I love the energy of the start up world and I bring a lot of these agile, rapid and build-a- movement perspectives to my work.


I come to this through 20+ years experience as a  business psychologist, executive coach (Senior practitioner EMCC) and in strategic consulting within many diverse industries, in the USA and the UK,  and  more recently including start ups and tech. I have a Cambridge law degree, an INSEAD MBA and a BSc in Psychology, along with many coaching and diagnostic accreditations.


Recently I have worked within small start ups as they scale up, a major JV with a business school, in Venture Capital, in FMCG, in government departments, business service providers and in Insurance.

The kind of problems clients come to me with are:

- Is the CEO killing the team?

- How can the leadership team interact better with the board?

- There's a lot of conflict in my team that I am having to sort out, why can't they get on with it?

- We just cannot agree on our strategy and no-one is buying into what we do agree. Help!?

- There's no trust or accountability in this team..?

- How should we structure our leadership team?

- What behaviours do we want to do more of/less of as a team?

- Our team is struggling in relying on other parts of the organisation. What can we do?

- We think having some feedback or understanding of different styles and preferences of the team would help.

If any of these problems are the kind of thing you are dealing with, give me a call, we can talk it through, and I can see how I can help.


I am always stimulated and satisfied to work with others as I help them understand how to perform better and they in turn support the goals of the companies they work with.  I love what I do, it is a total honour, and I  am always up for a new challenge.  I look forward to our future explorations. 


Frustrated by a team? Contact me to talk about it
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